Ugh. So it's been a while and for that I'm sorry but I went through my own personal hell all through August and I've lost everything for my games. My boyfriend and I broke up so I lost the pc I had all my stuff stored on and all my progress and everything so until I get a new pc I won't be able to work on any of my projects. When I say I've lost everything I mean everything, all my CC I'd spent years collecting, all my saves, all my projects and all my programs I used as well as my games so it may take me a while to get back up to speed but I promise I will pick these up again, for now I may just work on the websites and try to get everything in order as well as making it all flow nicely.
I think it's time to go buy an external harddrive and start collecting all my cc and programs and everything else again. I may put a list up of CC I find that I need help collecting so keep an eye out for that. Other than that there's not a lot else to say so for now I'll sign off and try and keep everyone updated on how it's going. Just a quick FYI I am looking for the base game and all expansions so if you know of anyone who doesn't need/want their games anymore send me a message (Especially if they're cheap or free).
I have to do a complete reinstall of my game and ep's since half my CC isn't showing up anymore and while I'm doing that I'm planning everything out and gathering more CC and doing my research.
I've fiddled about with things and now Cloud Dancing's in both the Indian and CSC pages now. I'm also working on poses not just for this but for Equus Sims as well. If anyone wants to give me a hand (by finding images/info for the buildings, town, people, actors/actresses etc or even if you come across some CC that be useful) please feel free to do so. Just flick me an email with the links or files, my email should be at the top of the page under the little email icon, or you can go to the "Contact Me" page under the "Other Pages" tab and use that instead.
I'm starting to fill in the "Custom Content Used" page under the "Other Pages" tab so take a gander over that if you want to, I'll also be filling out the "Actors and Actresses" page soon.
If you feel like anything is missing or a link's not working throw me a comment or email and tell me what's up.
So, I guess I should explain what the heck this is all about.
Well recently I've been going back and watching my box sets of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and I decided I wanted to have a crack at trying to recreate the characters in the sims 3.
Each character will have their own page with various bits of information on them like a small bio, various injuries and illnesses they've had and so on and so forth as well as having a small piece about the actor/actress that played them. I've tried to group them by family within each category eg. Dr. Mike, Sully, Matthew, Colleen, Brian and Katie are grouped as one family in the Colorado Springs Citizens category of the sims menu. I will be putting Cloud Dancing in the CSC (Colorado Springs Citizens) as opposed to the Indian's category because he became a citizen in the later seasons. I will also be making both Colleen Coopers (One as portrayed by Erika Flores and the other as portrayed by Jessica Bowman) If you can't find someone you're looking for then have a look through each category and if you still can't find them flick me an email in the Contact Me section
I will also be attempting to recreate the buildings from the town as well as the reservation and also Colorado Springs as a world.
In addition to the people of Colorado Springs I will also be creating the animals of CS which means Dr. Mike's Cheyenne pony Flash in the Sky as well as Sully's "Wolf" will be up for download along with a number of other horses and various other animals.
I'll write up a better more detailed explanation in my next post.